Calm Nerves Naturally

Richard's Organics Pet Calm - Naturally Relieves Stress and Anxiety in Dogs and Cats - 100% Natural, Drug-Free, Settles Nerves and Reduces Hyperactivity (4 oz. Bottle with Dropper)

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  • RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY - Richard's Organics Pet Calm effectively treats anxiety and short-term stress in dogs and cats. Pet Calm is proven to calm your pet's nerves and reduce hyperactivity before anxiety-causing events.
  • 100% NATURAL - This pet calming liquid is a 100% natural-actives solution, organic, drug-free and is 100% safe for dogs and cats. The medicinal properties of the ingredients, including valerian root extract, chamomile, skullcap extract and passion flower extract, are proven to relieve stress and anxiety and promote healthy sleep.
  • WORKS TO CALM DOGS AND CATS - Many dogs and cats exhibit signs of stress and nervousness before anxiety-causing events such as travel, grooming, thunderstorms, trips to the vet, car rides, and changes in environment. Richard's Organics Pet Calm naturally relaxes your dog or cat without making them overly sleepy like some prescription drugs.
  • EASY TO USE - Richard's Organics Pet Calm is easy to use, and pets love the taste. You can administer straight from the dropper or mix with food every 4-6 hours. Fast acting and all-natural, your pet will become more mellow, calm and relaxed.
  • EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE - SynergyLab's Richard's Organics pet wellness and healing products are created with premium ingredients and available at a price that pet parents can afford. We know your dogs and cats are more than just pets, because we are pet parents too.

Natural Vitality Calm, The Anti-Stress Dietary Supplement Powder, Unflavored - 16 Ounces

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  • A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement The Anti-Stress Drink
  • Restores Healthy Magnesium Levels
  • Vegan, organic, all natural
  • Non-GMO Project Verified Gluten Free

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