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Nature's Bounty Valerian Root Pills and Herbal Health Supplement, Promotes Relaxation, 450mg, 100 Capsules

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  • Proprietary herbal blend
  • Made from whole herbs
  • 450 mg valerian root

Serenum Stress Relief- Laboratory Backed Herbal Non-Habit Forming Relaxation Pills - Vegetarian Sleep Supplement - Reduce Tension - Settle Stomach - Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • REDUCE STRESS QUICKLY: Having a bad day? Serenum naturally alleviates the body's pent up stress and helps calm the mind. Don't let the bad day turn into a bad night! Using Serenum allows you to calm the mind and body before bed, leading to a well-deserved restful night. Serenum is made with Justicia pectoralis, a herb rich in coumarin, umbelliferone and swertisin, all naturally occurring ingredients that will relax you and help you fall asleep easier.
  • REST ASSURED- Laboratory backed, non-habit forming - Lisanatura will always have full ingredient transparency. We want you to know exactly how much of each ingredient you are taking, and that what you are taking is top-notch. This is why we have been performing tests within our certified Quality Assurance department since 1980, for ingredient integrity, contaminants and stability. Our relaxation formula contains only quality ingredients.
  • NATURAL HERBAL STRESS RELIEVER- Sustainably Sourced: Developed from the leaves and flowers of the Justicia Pectoralis (also known as the Tilo herb), Serenum is a high potency and uniquely all-natural tension mitigating option in a market saturated with habit-forming chemically formed products. Sourced from sustainable farms who are chemical and pesticide free. Plus Serenum reduces muscle tension, headaches and settles stomachs, a real jack of all trades.
  • NON-HABIT FORMING: No need to worry about dependency, addiction or habit forming with this sleep aid, Serenum is crafted from all natural ingredients, unlike most pharmaceutical versions. Don't replace one problem with another.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, TRY RISK FREE - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: De-stress and get the most out of your night's sleep and optimize your recovery process or Your Money Back!! Every Purchase is backed by our 30 day Guarantee - If you are Not Fully Satisfied for any reason we will refund your money no questions asked!

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