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Smokey Mountain Snuff 10 Can Box (Straight)

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  • GREAT TASTE --Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff tastes great and it's tobacco free and nicotine free.  Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff is enjoyed by pro athletes, folks who love the great outdoors, and anyone who's a fan of great tasting tobacco-free alternatives. If you want to lead a tobacco-free and nicotine-free lifestyle, and continue to dip, try Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff.
  • SAFE TO USE -- Smokey Mountain is considered a safe alternative to traditional smokeless tobacco and snuff products. Our products provide a taste similar but not identical to moist smokeless tobacco. We offer two great ways to enjoy Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff - our loose herbal snuff in 8 flavors: Straight, Peach, Grape, Citrus, Cherry, Arctic Mint, Wintergreen, Classic; or 2 flavors of tobacco-free pouches: Arctic Mint and Wintergreen. It's America's favorite smokeless tobacco alternative.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS -- Made in small batches with premium ingredients including:  Corn silk (traditional remedy high in Vitamin K and other nutrients), Molasses (low sugar content, with essential iron, calcium, magnesium, and more), Kudzu root (traditional medicinal remedy), Salt (sustains hydration and electrolyte balance), and Cayenne pepper (natural remedy used for centuries).
  • GREAT CITRUS TASTE -- We use a blend of natural and artificial flavors to create an authentic citrus taste that makes for a flavorful and enjoyable dipping experience. If you've tried other chewing tobacco alternatives and been disappointed, give ours a try -- we've created a formula designed to deliver the full experience of taste and texture, to fulfill cravings. Smokey Mountain delivers the ultimate satisfying tobacco-free chew.
  • PREMIUM SMOKE FREE PRODUCT -- Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff is ideal for helping you quit tobacco products. You can enjoy a flavorful, food-grade and genuine smokeless tobacco experience, without the nicotine or the tobacco getting in the way of good health. Have the same satisfaction with an outdoor, active lifestyle and do it with better health and no risk of addiction.

Addiction-Free Naturally: Liberating Yourself from Sugar, Caffeine, Food Addictions, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Prescription Drugs

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AuthorBrigitte A.H.G. Mars
BindingKindle Edition
EditionOriginal ed.
FormatKindle eBook
LabelHealing Arts
LanguagesName: English; Type: Published
ManufacturerHealing Arts
Number Of Pages272
Product GroupeBooks
Product Type NameABIS_EBOOKS
Publication Date2001-02-01
PublisherHealing Arts
Release Date2001-02-01
StudioHealing Arts
TitleAddiction-Free Naturally: Liberating Yourself from Sugar, Caffeine, Food Addictions, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Prescription Drugs


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