Ivan Cankar Kava

Best of Notpadu - Skodelica kave

Lado Bizovičar in Jurij Zrnec v mjuziklu o skodelici kave.

Ivan Cankar Kava – Royal Kava

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Ivan Cankar Kava Kava Powder – Royal Kava

In Oceania, kava is consumed in the kava bar. The drink served is color is gray, the taste is truly bitter and done thinking about the Earth. To forget the bitter taste, a few pieces of fruit are added. Since a few years we can find kava in several ways, including excerpts, from the dough, instant drinks, pills.

Ivan Cankar: Skodelica kave

Video jingle Mateja Loredana. Ме распнаа дека имам СИДА, се затворив со девојката, ама и таа избега - искрено со Владо ...