Kava Franck

Franck Kava 4 Stickers 4X4 inches Car Bumper Window Sticker Decal

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  • 100% Weatherproof,UV ink on Waterproof Vinyl Avery Vinyl
  • Professionally printed using the higest quality using Eco Solvent Ink
  • Long outdoor life and Environmental friendly,temperature resistant
  • Easy to install and remove just peel & stick!
  • Full Color Printed Decal

Mleta Kava Barcaffe Classic - Roasted and Ground Coffee Blend for Preparation of Turkish Coffee, 2-Pack: 2 Bags of each 375g (13,23 oz)

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  • Premium coffee blend for preparation of Turkish coffee, in traditional small pot
  • Made in Slovenia (and its predecessor Yugoslavia) since 1970
  • 2-Pack: 2 bags of each 375g (13,23 oz). Total: 750g (26,45 oz)
  • Packaged in protective atmosphere, keeping the ground coffee flavor fresh
  • Shelf-life of greater than 250 days

Franck Četiri nacina pripreme kave

Kava Massih Architects

Kava Massih Architects was founded in 1996 by Principals Kava Massih and Jerry Mastora. The firm has since established itself as an innovator in combining cost effective purpose with vibrant, place-making design. We maintain relationships with commercial, non-profit, institutional and individual clients, completing energetic projects that range widely in both scale and type.

Prava kava - pronađite najbolju hrvatsku kavu

Prava kava portal ima samo jedan cilj, a to je pronalaženje najbolje kave. Prijavite svoj lokal i pokažite svima zašto je Vaša kava najbolja u hrvatskoj.


The secret of the most popular Franck coffee is in the combination of the finest coffee sorts and the most delicate process of grinding. Its rounded, chocolate taste and specific scent are well known to all coffee lovers.