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Kona Kava Farm Premium Instant Kava Mix 9% Kavalactone | Kava Root Extract Supplement Drink Mix For Stress and Anxiety Relief | Available in Chocolate and Banana Vanilla (Banana Vanilla, 8 oz)

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  • Kona Kava Farms Instant Kava Drink Mix unlike anything else in the marketplace! Kona Kava Farms has created an effective Kava Kava extract that not only easily dissolves in water, but is so concentrated - just a few teaspoons is all you need to be on your way to a better state of mind!
  • Now Enjoy your Kava Kava in delicious Chocolate or Banana Vanilla Flavors! We feel that instant kava kava can be used to enhance your life, as a relaxed life may be a happier life.
  • Help relief your Anxiety. For a delicious supplement that naturally promotes relaxation and helps ease the mind from daily stress, this Instant Kava Kava Mix contains a blend of all-natural ingredients. Forget about the hassle or mess of preparing Kava Root beverages and enjoy the calming effects of Kava with the ease and convenience of Kona Kava Farms Instant Kava Mix!
  • Instant Kava- Simply add a couple of teaspoons to any liquid of your choice (although skim milk, soy milk, almond milk, or coconut water are the best options), stir and instantly enjoy the pleasures of Instant Kava Mix. No need for a blender, and no need to strain
  • All Natural and Non-Addictive. Kava Kava is completely safe and non- addictive. Contains only natural ingredients: Micronized Kava root that contains minimum 9% Kavalactones, maltodextrin, stevia extract (90%), organic banana and organic vanilla flavoring

Kava Kava | 700mg Capsules | Piper Methysticum Extract | 60 Day Supply

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  • Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) is a natural herb that helps to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms
  • Kava Kava promotes restful sleep, can curb cravings, improve digestive health, and reduce inflammation
  • Kava Kava contain kavalactones, that can decrease stress and help prevent headaches
  • VH Nutrition offers a 100% Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

My Experience With Kava Kava In Austin TX!

In this video I share my experience with drinking Kava root, and how it affected me.

Kava Kava: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

Kava, also often called kava kava, is a member of the nightshade family of plants and native to the South Pacific islands (1). Pacific Islanders have used it for hundreds of years as a ceremonial ...

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