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klin kava factory is situated on the island of espiritu santo, vanuatu. santo is the largest island in vanuatu and is the worlds largest producer of quality kava. klin kava was established in 2004 when we became the first to develop the instant kava range.

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Klin Kava is sold around the world in four different forms. There is the INSTANT KAVA which is extracted from the fresh green kava of Vanuatu. Klin kava is made from Borogoru Kava and Melo Melo; these two genotypes are the cream of Vanuatu Kava.

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Who's tried Klin kava ? Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Deactivated Account, Jan 15, 2014. Deactivated Account Guest. ... Mixing kava in my hotel room when there is a nakamal next door goes against the grain but If it's up to scratch I will bring some home with me.