Natural Sleep Aid For Children

LUNA Kids | #1 Sleep Aid Tablets for Children 4+ and Sensitive Adults | Naturally Sourced Ingredients | 60 x Chewable Pills | Gentle, Herbal Supplement with Chamomile, Melatonin, Valerian & Lemon Balm

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  • LOVE OUR LUNA KIDS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Hello, we're Nested Naturals. Nice to meet you! We're a socially conscious company that believes in only using the best, most ethically produced ingredients available, 3rd party testing every batch and donating to charity to make the world a better place. We stand behind this pledge with our Lifetime Guarantee. If youâ€re not happy with your purchase, simply call or email us.
  • A SLEEP AID JUST FOR KIDS: Good quality sleep is important for your childâ€s health and development. When your little night owl is having trouble falling asleep, family peace is not the only thing that suffers. We developed LUNA Kids to make bedtime easier by promoting healthy sleep habits. It was inspired by the success of our herbal sleep aid for adults, LUNA. Parents who began getting better sleeps from LUNA asked us to create a formulation safe and effective for their kids. We had to do it!
  • GENTLE, NATURALLY SOURCED HERBAL SUPPLEMENT: The LUNA Kids formula starts with a blend of three herbs that people have been using for centuries to support a healthy, restful sleep. Chamomile and Lemon Balm are known for their calming and soothing properties. Valerian Root may help to promote a healthy feeling of relaxation. We add a very low dose of melatonin to nudge your child to sleep at night. These ingredients are naturally sourced, gentle and support healthy sleep for your little one.
  • NO FUSS BEDTIME: Choose this sleep aid made with naturally sourced botanicals for a safe, gentle way to wind down kids into bedtime without battles. Give LUNA Kids Sleep Supplement to your child about 20 to 30 minutes before bed to ease your little baby, toddler, child or adolescent into sleep.
  • TASTY, SUGAR-FREE TABLETS: Children love the tropical berry flavor and you can rest easy that there's no sugar. The flavoring comes from naturally sourced fruit extracts, which we lightly sweeten for a kid's palate with the natural sweeteners Stevia leaf extract and Xylitol. Each tablet is chewable and dissolves on your child's tongue quickly so thereâ€s no fuss before bedtime.

Tired Teddies Natural Sleep Aid for Kids Melatonin (0.3 mg) Herbal Supplement

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  • 👍 Melatonin for toddlers or children (0.3 mg) with kid-safe herbs; Pediatrician Recommended!
  • 👍 Research on childrens melatonin shows 0.3 mg is all they need in a kids sleep aid for healthy sleep.
  • 👍 Non habit-forming. Your child can stop taking this child sleep aid whenever they need to.
  • 👍 Chewable, bubblegum flavored bear tablets are the yummy, healthy choice for children's melatonin!
  • 👍 Made in the USA in a GMP certified facility; healthier than melatonin gummies for kids. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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