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New Guinea and Kava

The name New Guinea was given by the first European explorers (most likely As far as Kava usage in concerned this article covers the entire island, but for more specific current day trends we will focus on Papua New Guinea, not Indonesia. New Guinea and Geography. The mainland of New Guinea is dominated by the Owen Stanley Mountain Range.

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Contrary to popular belief, Papua New Guinea has domesticated several cultivars of Papua New Guinea kava or “Kau” as it is called locally, from its wild predecessor Piper witchmanii.

Fiji Kava confiscated in PNG | One Papua New Guinea

Fiji Kava confiscated in PNG By Staff Reporter on 4/24/2017 More than 170 kilogrammes of Fijian kava have been confiscated by the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) because they were illegally imported.