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KONA KAVA Premium Kava Sampler Pack with Kava Powder, Instant Kava, Kava Capsules, and Muslin Extraction Bag

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  • Enjoy the Gift of Kava Kava! Relaxation and Calmness. This Kona Kava Farms Sample Pack is a great introduction to the benefits of Kava. Experience various forms of Kava Kava Root with Kona Kava Farms Kava Powder, Instant Kava and our easy on the go Kava Capsules.
  • Gentle anxiety support from all natural Kava Kava root can help allow your body a release from anxiety, stress and tension. These Kava herbal supplements also aid with restlessness, promote better sleep quality and encourage overall calmness. Take the natural approach to anxiety relief and enjoy the calming benefits of Kava.
  • This Kava Sampler Pack gives you an idea of the many fine Kava Kava products that Kona Kava Farm has to offer. Each Sampler Pack contains: Bag of Powdered Kava Root (4oz) | Reusable Muslin Extraction Bag | Instant kava single (0.75oz) | Pack of Instant Kava Cocoa Powder (2oz) | 30% Kavalactone Capsules (6)
  • Makes an Excellent Gift! The Kona Kava Sampler Gift Set will come neatly all packaged in our super popular reusable Kona Kava Farm tin so you can share the Gift of Kava with your friends and family. Makes a great Christmas or Birthday Gift.
  • All Natural, Vegan and Non-Addictive. Kava Kava is completely safe and non- addictive. Our Kava Kava powders and supplements are made with 100% natural Kava Kava root. Hand Crafted in small patches and Infused with Pure Passion.

Kavafied KAVA SUPREME powder - Noble Premium Quality Kava Root (8oz)

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  • The Official Kava Root Powder of the AluBall Kava Maker
  • Strong and Smooth Noble Kava Kava Drink Mix
  • A Premium Blend of 100% Noble Vanuatu Kava
  • Easily prepared with the AluBall Kava Maker or Kavafied Kava Strainer Bag
  • Independently lab tested to ensure quality, safety and nobility

Bula Kava House - Premium Blend Premium Noble Kava Kava Root Powder 1lb (448g ...

Let me start off by saying that Iv've been drinking Kava for years so I have lots of experience. For the negative reviews about this being "yuck" these people obviously never drank Kava before as this is a root...and always tastes kinda like mud water.

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At Kalm with Kava, we are proud to supply premium kava products directly from the Pacific Islands. Try this natural relaxation herb to improve your life today!


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