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Tudei kava is also known as Isa kava or Palisi kava on the island of Papua New Guinea. On the South Pacific island republic of Vanuatu, where many different kava types are grown, Tudei kava is consumed only at ceremonial occasions and is not considered appropriate for everyday use. Because it is a very special, ceremonial strain on Vanuatu, the ...

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Tudei Kava is a fast-growing Kava that is typically stronger than “regular” or “noble” varieties of Kava. Most Tudei Kava has a signature 2-5-3 Kavalactone lineup, which makes it a very relaxing, and smooth-drinking, but not necessarily an every day Kava.

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In recent years, “Tudei “ kava cultivar, which were traditionally cultivated for medicinal purpose or special ceremonial drinking - but not in any way for a everyday consumption - have been planted a lot by some farmers for various reasons: higher density of the dried chips, quicker growth, higher yields, high potent.