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Piper methysticum (Kava) is a plant that grows in the pacific. It has sedating, anti-anxiety, and muscle relaxant properties. People have been using it for at least ...

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Yangonin is one of the six major kavalactones found in the kava plant. It has been shown to possess binding affinity for the cannabinoid receptor CB 1 (K i = 0.72 μM), and selectivity vs. the CB₂ receptor (K(i)>10 μM) where it behaves as an agonist.

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In short, it has a proportionately higher level of Kavain, one of the key lactones thought to be responsible for the pleasurable effects of Kava (it encourages dopamine release in the brain), while conversely having a low level of yangonin, which counteracts the pleasurable effects of Kava by inhibiting dopamine release.

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This from the "Kava: The Pacific Elixir" 1= Demethoxy-yangonin (DMY) 2= Dihydrokavain (DHK) 3= Yangonin (Y) 4= Kavain (K) 5= Dihydromethysticin (DHM) 6= Methysticin (M) "The first three kavalactones in the code usually represent over 70% of the total." Apparently the first 3 can be equal or almost equal in concentration.